A International Data Corporation (IDC) divulgou os resultados do Brazil Monthly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker_2014_July”, estudo que aponta a liderança da Samsung no segmento de impressoras. Embora não haja um estudo sobre assunto, a associação estima que 20% do mercado brasileiro seja movimentado por essa alternativa aos cartuchos oficiais. N… Read More

Creative stage lighting design can be daunting to those starting out because, aside from the necessary technical understanding, it is essentially a game without rules. We are very proud to supply our luminaires for some of the best designers worldwide, to the public, interior designers, architects and wholesalers alike. Early meetings with the set … Read More

If you've decided to become a better dancer and make going out to clubs or social events more enjoyable, starting out can be pretty intimidating. They can't just start swing dancing or bust out a 14-step choreographed Hip Hop routine. MUSIC - Be a dancer, not a walker! Those helping should never grab, push, or pull other dancers in the set. Talk to… Read More

A cervical screening test (sometimes called a smear test or a pap test) is a simple procedure where a doctor or nurse takes a sample of cells from the cervix (neck of the womb) to be examined for early changes on the cells. Sometimes a patient can be told that she has abnormal cells when the cells are actually normal (a false-positive result), o… Read More

The head gasket is found between the engine block and the cylinder head or heads in a V-type engine. Fit the head gasket onto the block. A blown head gasket fix can be as easy as dumping a bottle of sealant in your radiator, and you're good to go. The seal created from our product is as permanent as replacing the head gasket, but with less money an… Read More